The T2A team is small, perfectly formed and growing. We are looking to expand with dedicated and energetic, positive people.

If you feel you can contribute to some of the demands below, please get in touch.

We would love to hear from you.


We work in Europe, based in the UK, and accept submissions from around the world.

Can you support us to maintain and update the website, continue research, write articles, blogs and create content? A diploma in reiki a bonus!

Help us…

  • • 2 Inform – provide content for blogs and interviews; research thoughtful and current articles with relevant and interesting links from across diverse media.
  • • 2 Educate – find innovative designs and products from across the globe and create guides on how to make a difference in the home and business.
  • • 2 Continue…

T2A is looking for efficient, proactive minds to help provide and edit content for our startup website focused on sustainability.

We need freelance staff whose roles will include…

  • • Research – providing new material as well as editing, proofreading and fact-checking provided content.
  • • Writing summaries and links to content as well as long-form articles, interviews and blogs.
  • • Inputting content and data into CMS for the site as well as social media.
  • • Creating social media feeds for Twitter and Instagram.

Looking forward to having you on the T2A team!