Hygiene / Heavenly Organics Baby Butter

Organic and natural skincare for babies

Hygiene / Organic Dummy Pacifier Clip

Sustainably made clip for attaching pacifiers so they can’t be dropped

Hygiene / The Deodorant Balm

Alternative to artificial sprays that actually works

Hygiene / Star & Moon Natural Rubber Pacifier

A plastic-free, natural rubber pacifier

Hygiene / Kids’ Face Mask

Reusable, eco-friendly face mask for children

Hygiene / Reusable Baby Wipes

Washable, non-plastic, cotton wipes

Hygiene / Reusable Nappies

Reusable, washable cloth nappies that will save you money as well as the environment

Hygiene / Children’s Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss

Natural and eco-friendly oral hygiene products for children

Hygiene / Children’s Toothbrushes

Compostable children’s toothbrushes made from beechwood and bamboo

Hygiene / Ethical Period Care

Sustainable, plastic-free period care products

Hygiene / Our Condom Selection

Eco-friendly nontoxic and vegan male contraception