Nature / Billions of Birds Saved

Pollution regulations designed to protect human health can also have beneficial effects for other species. As it turns out, the…

Nature / My Octopus Teacher

How a free-diver’s time spent with an octopus positively changed his family’s life

Nature / Going Wild

A charity has launched a network to help rewild 300,000 acres in the UK

Nature / Eager Beavers

Eurasian beavers have been given the right to remain in England after a groundbreaking study

Nature / Fit For Porpoise

Canada is one of an increasing number of countries to ban cetacean captivity

Nature / To Bee or Not to Bee

France has come to the aid of bees by banning several harmful pesticides

Nature / Bee Happy

A charity is creating ‘bee corridors’ on land that had lost its wildflowers

Nature / Land for Tigers

A couple in India have been buying land from farmers and allowing nature to return

Nature / Indigenous knowledge meets science to solve climate change

How indigenous knowledge can help science to solve climate change (13 minutes)

Nature / Planet Earth

Sir David Attenborough’s classic documentary series (50 minutes)