Packaging is a major source of waste and pollution, whether this is for the everyday products that we buy or the way we send gifts to loved ones.

The best thing that manufacturers and retailers can do is to reduce packaging – and not use plastic.

The best thing that consumers can do is to avoid products that are not packaged in an environmentally friendly way, and to use eco packaging for personal use.

From wrapping paper to crates and everything in between, here you will find sustainable solutions for your packaging needs.

Packaging / BioViron

100% compostable and biodegradable materials for businesses and industries

Packaging / Magical Mushrooms

Organic mycelium packaging

Packaging / Packing Boxes and Accessories

Carbon-light packaging, from forest-friendly boxes to sustainable protective material

Packaging / Sweet Success

A UK chocolate brand has switched to sustainable packaging

Packaging / Commercial Eco Packaging

Compostable and renewable packaging films, mailers and other eco alternatives

Packaging / Reusable Coffee Filter

A steel coffee filter that can be used pretty much forever

Packaging / NOTPLA

Drinks and sauce packaging made from seaweed, for events organisers and take-away businesses

Packaging / Naturally Wrapt

Non-plastic tape and other eco-friendly packaging products

Packaging / Bio Paper Cups

Biodegradable cups that can be branded with your company details

Packaging / ROKBOX

A reusable, more sustainable alternative to wooden shipping cases

Packaging / Crates

Crates for hire or to buy, for transporting art and other items