Resource centre

Here is a selection of books – fiction and non-fiction – to both entertain and inform; a library of film media – from talks to documentaries – to help spark your curiosity; a listing of organisations that do good things – and need your support; and a collection of innovative enterprises that are pushing the boundaries in sustainability.

There is a lot to watch, listen to and read, as well as amazing charities to support and enterprises to check out.  However, we still need help in finding more fascinating links, so click here to give us your suggestions.  There are only two rules: 1. the content has to be sustainability-related. 2. it has to be interesting and informative.

Energy / Turbulent

Providing hydropower to isolated communities

Water / The Indus Project

Cleaning water with algae-filled tiles in rural India

Ocean / Sea Save Foundation

Raising awareness of the challenges and solutions around marine preservation

Nature / My Octopus Teacher

How a free-diver’s time spent with an octopus positively changed his family’s life

Packaging / NOTPLA

Drinks and sauce packaging made from seaweed, for events organisers and take-away businesses

Ecology / Chasing Coral

Documentary following divers and scientists as they investigate the decline of the world’s coral

Ocean / Marine Conservation Society

Protecting seas, shorelines and the animals that live there

Reforestation / Trees for Cities

Urban tree planting to improve the environment and the health of residents

Ocean / Plastic Oceans

Campaigning to eliminate the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans

Conservation / Plantlife

Helping to protect wild flowers, plants and fungi under threat of extinction

Conservation / Earth Island Institute

Wildlife and ocean conservation