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Whether in novel form, biography, in-depth scientific enquiry or socioeconomic treatise, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to books that deal with themes and subjects related to sustainability.

Information is power, and the non-fiction titles we have picked out here provide just that.  Likewise, our favourite fiction offers a different kind of inspiration and insight.

Read about how the world works from the point of view of plants, why fungi might be our saviour, and how individuals can join the fight against plastic.

Some books we haven’t got round to yet, others we might not be aware of.  So if you believe there are glaring omissions from this booklist, please tell us what we should read – and why.

Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac / The Future We Choose

A passionate explanation of the practical steps we must take to solve the climate crisis

Robert Vale and Brenda Vale / Time to Eat the Dog?

A provocative take on the big lifestyle changes needed to save the world

David Wallace-Wells / The Uninhabitable Earth

A grim forecast of life on Earth if we don’t act now to avert disaster

Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird / The Secret Life of Plants

The bible of plant sentience

Michael Pollan / The Botany of Desire

A plant’s-eye view of the world and who is in charge

Janine Benyus / Biomimicry

Taking nature’s best ‘inventions’ to build a sustainable future

Peter Wohlleben / The Hidden Life of Trees

Uncovering the soul, feelings and social life of trees

Isabella Tree / Wilding

How an over-farmed area of land was restored to a thriving habitat

Richard Powers / The Overstory

A tale about the magic of trees and mankind’s road to ruin

John Gray / False Dawn

Why global capitalism is not here to stay

Eric Schlosser / Fast Food Nation

How the fast-food industry is harming both people and the planet