Resource centre

All these links are sustainable, recyclable and good for the planet.  They are easy to digest, proactive, a dose of positivity and fascinating – as well as articulate and thought-provoking.  They include one-off documentaries, as well as podcasts you can binge on.

We try to keep our eyes peeled and ears pricked 24/7.  However, we are fighting a losing battle against the gigantic onslaught of content out there.  If you have watched or listened to something interesting and have a favourite clip or episode, please feel free to share it with us.

Nature / My Octopus Teacher

How a free-diver’s time spent with an octopus positively changed his family’s life

Ecology / Chasing Coral

Documentary following divers and scientists as they investigate the decline of the world’s coral

Gardening / What gardening taught me about life

What the act of gardening can teach us about living in a compassionate and connected way (6 minutes)

Farming / The Need To Grow

An award-winning documentary on sustainable farming (101 minutes)

Sustainable Diets / A guerrilla gardener in South Central LA

How volunteers are fighting poor health by planting food in unused spaces in urban Los Angeles (11 minutes)

Water / 3 thoughtful ways to conserve water

Lessons learned from a country in drought about how we can conserve water (12 minutes)

Campaigning / Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans

If water had the same rights as people, there would be no water crises in the world (13 minutes)

Nature / Indigenous knowledge meets science to solve climate change

How indigenous knowledge can help science to solve climate change (13 minutes)

Recycling / S African Artist Turns Waste into Masterpieces

The artist turning discarded plastic into internationally acclaimed work (2 minutes)

Ecology / Nature is Speaking

A series of short films in which Hollywood actors give voice to elements of the natural world (2 minutes each)

Innovation / A Sustainable Solution to Our world’s Water Problem

A machine that extracts moisture from the atmosphere, providing global access to clean water (13 minutes)