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Would you like to make a difference by donating money, your personal services or corporate backing to those organisations that are dedicated to solving the world’s sustainability problems?

Here we have compiled a listing where you can find charities, NGOs, trusts and foundations that are working to tackle current challenges and safeguard the planet for future generations.

Their activities span ocean conservation and plastic recycling to reforestation and start-up investment – with many more categories in between – and their focus ranges from single-country issues to global ones.

When governments either cannot – or will not – do what is required to protect the Earth and all its inhabitants, the work of these organisations is vital.  Please help them in whatever way you can.

Ocean / Sea Save Foundation

Raising awareness of the challenges and solutions around marine preservation

Ocean / Marine Conservation Society

Protecting seas, shorelines and the animals that live there

Reforestation / Trees for Cities

Urban tree planting to improve the environment and the health of residents

Ocean / Plastic Oceans

Campaigning to eliminate the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans

Conservation / Plantlife

Helping to protect wild flowers, plants and fungi under threat of extinction

Conservation / Earth Island Institute

Wildlife and ocean conservation

Ocean / Oceana

Campaigning for policy changes that will lead to sustainable fishing and ocean restoration

Ocean / Coral Restoration Foundation

The world’s largest reef restoration organisation

Ocean / SeaLegacy

A collective of photographers, filmmakers and writers dedicated to saving the oceans

Conservation / Rainforest Trust

Preserving vital rainforests by purchasing threatened land and forging local partnerships

Ocean / Reef Trust

A new charity working to enagage people and companies in marine conservation