Resource centre

Here you will find incredible initiatives that are pushing new materials and innovative technologies, while forming links with local and global communities.

We look at sustainable and proactive enterprises that examine key issues, from the reuse of plastics and the logistics of recycling to the new materials changing the horizon.

However, these are just a few of the projects in our research that are part of a wider and healthier movement for our planet.

If you are involved in research or design, please drop us a line.  Is there someone we left out?  Tell us about them.

Energy / Turbulent

Providing hydropower to isolated communities

Water / The Indus Project

Cleaning water with algae-filled tiles in rural India

Packaging / NOTPLA

Drinks and sauce packaging made from seaweed, for events organisers and take-away businesses

Fashion / BIONIC

Making high-quality yarn from recycled and recovered plastic

Innovation / OpenSC

Supply chain data for businesses and consumers to ensure products are ethical and sustainable

Sustainable Diets / Apeel Sciences

Extending the shelf life of fresh produce with a natural coating added to the surface of food

Recycling / Globechain

A reuse marketplace where people and charities pick up unwanted items for free

Fashion / Materials Experience Lab

‘Living’ clothes made from algae that photosynthesise while being worn

Fashion / MycoWorks

A sustainable alternative to leather grown from mycelium

Beauty / Full Circle

Cosmetics made from vegetable waste, leftovers and by-products

Decor / Full Grown

Growing furniture with trees, sustainably