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Plastic / How one beach clean-up in Versova is saving the world

Versova Beach was once considered one of the dirtiest beaches in India. That was before Afroz Shah stepped onto the…

Technology / Pointless Emails

Saving and receiving emails is never going to constitute the largest part of our carbon footprint. But it’s important to…

Recycling / Waste Materials

If you ever doubted the benefits of recycling or buying recycled products, the MIT Department of Facilities recently published interesting…

Innovation / Blue Sky Thinking

A major airliner is planning to bring hydrogen-fuelled planes to market

Innovation / Hair vs Oil

Stockings filled with hair could help to fight marine oil pollution

Energy / Wind Up

Denmark is planning to build ‘energy islands’ to boost its wind-power capacity

Innovation / Taking the P*ss

City urinals are being installed that convert urine into plant and crop fertiliser

Innovation / The Art of Sustainability

Artists around the world are creating giant murals with paint that cleans the air

Ecology / Straight Up

A centuries-old growing method is still creating sustainable forests today

Innovation / Coloured Cotton

Genetically modified, coloured cotton could put an end to fashion’s use of toxic dyes

Innovation / Fog Harvesting

Studies suggest fog harvesting is a viable solution to water scarcity