Gardening is an intrinsically sustainable act – curating a green and living space that is a habitat and source of food for wildlife (and us), that absorbs carbon dioxide and promotes wellbeing.

You can make sure that it is even more environmentally sound through the choice of the tools and equipment you use when composting, digging, feeding and planting.  You know what they say: you reap what you sow…

Gardening / edibleculture

Gardening supplies that are free from plastic, peat and pesticides

Gardening / Seed It Microgreen Grow Mats

Biodegradable mats for growing microgreens indoors

Gardening / Vigoroot Pots

Pots made from recycled polyester that ‘air prune’ roots for healthier plants

Gardening / POSIpot

Cardboard-based pots that compost naturally in soil and help save water

Gardening / RHS Plants Bamboo Potting Equipment

Stylish, quality bamboo potting and propagating equipment

Gardening / Paper Pot Maker

A kit to turn newspaper into pots for seedlings

Gardening / Vipots

Biodegradable plant pots made from waste plant fibre

Gardening / Coir Products

Biodegradable coir pots and other gardening materials as an alternative to plastic and peat

Gardening / Rocket Gardens

Environmentally minded supplier of edible plug plants for customers to grow on in their veg patches

Gardening / Green Gardener

Eco-friendly pest control and other products for gardens and greenhouses

Gardening / Burgon & Ball Gardening Tools

Quality tools for the garden that are built to last