They say that what goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors.  But so much of it doesn’t – it gets thrown into the bins on the pavement, where it is sent to the local waste facility.

You can limit the environmental impact of your household products by selecting those that, while being made with sustainability and ethics front of mind, are also good at what they do, too.

Kitchen / Pandabode

Have you ever organized a picnic in the park and realized that you forgot to bring any cutlery to eat?…

Kitchen / Aquatiére

Home water filters

Sustainable Diets / Coromandel Coast

Shade-grown coffee that preserves forests and helps smallhold farmers

Hygiene / The Deodorant Balm

Alternative to artificial sprays that actually works

Stationery / Notebook A5

Notebooks made from reused stone

Hygiene / Kids’ Face Mask

Reusable, eco-friendly face mask for children

Household / BeeHemp Oil

Natural wood protection made from sustainable hemp seed

Packaging / Reusable Coffee Filter

A steel coffee filter that can be used pretty much forever

Stationery / Sprout Plantable Pencils

Sustainable pencils with seed pods instead of erasers that grow into plants

Packaging / Naturally Wrapt

Non-plastic tape and other eco-friendly packaging products